Real News – Sounds Fake!

No “Fake News” on 1010 WINS, but we do have some fun.

Check out these lighter stories….

The Colorado Mad Pooper

      The Colorado Mad Pooper

Blooper! Susan Hiccups On The Air! #embarrassing!

      Susan's Hiccup

The Mental Health of Funny People (w/ABC’s Linda Albin)

      comedians-mental illness - linda albin

Susan Does Accents

      susan does accents

Klingon Politician!

      klingon politician

The Subway Cats!

      the subway cats

Bus Riding Dog!

      bus dog

Honey vs Sugar

      honey vs sugar

“Genie” Simmons The Cow!

      Gene Simmons Cow

Grumpy Cat’s Birthday!

      Grumpy Cat Birthday 2014

Mega Millions Winner

      mega millions winner

Work For Beer

      work for beer