4-17-20 Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus Update 4-17-20

  • Mayor de Blasio announces changes to 311 after 1010 WINS reporter Juliet Papa raised a red flag
  • Mayor announces more testing sites in hard hit neighborhoods
  • Large events in NYC including Puerto Rican, Israeli and Pride Day parades are cancelled
  • NYS: 2,000 new Covid-19 cases still, per day; 630 deaths yesterday;  1 in 5 New Yorkers dying are in nursing homes; Gov issues executive order requiring nursing homes to let residents and their families know about any cases of the virus
  • Governor Cuomo rips President Trump after he ripped the Governor on twitter during Cuomo’s news conference
  • President Trump tweets support for people in several states protesting stay at home orders
  • Nurses protest in the Bronx over order to get a doctor’s note if they call out sick
  • In New Jersey, Governor Murphy announces the death toll is now five times more than the number of New Jerseyeans who died on 9/11
  • Johnny Depp decides the stay at home time is the right time to join Instagram
  • Dr Anthony Fauci gets is own beer

Includes reports from 1010 WINS’ Juliet Papa, Al Jones & Samantha Liebman as well as ABC’s Karen Travers and AP Correspondent Oscar Wells-Gabriel